Welcome to Kastoria

Kastoria – the princess by the lake

Kastoria – one of the most beautiful towns in Greece is the capital of the prefecture of the same name, situated in north-eastern Greece.
It is often referred to as the “Byzantine princess by the lake”, which is only one of the reasons why Kastoria is among Greece’s most popular and most beautiful tourist destinations.
The charming town by the lake “Orestida” is famous for three characteristic features: natural beauty, Byzantine churches, as well as other amazing pieces of architecture, like the popular manor houses, in Greek called “Archontika”.
Having more than 70 churches, Kastoria is an open-air exhibition of Byzantine architecture and is the only place in Greece in which Byzantine and post-Byzantine traces can be admired.
These churches, in which monumental icons can be found, and the neoclassicist “Archontika”, showing former economic wealth, form an extraordinary mixture of cultural and artificial items of more than ten centuries.
The cultural wealth and the natural paradise around the lake, still having its original flora and fauna, make up a unique combination of culture and nature.



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