Limenon Resort & Spa

Just above the lake, just below the sky”

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Limneon Crystal

The jewel of Kastoria, built right on the lakefront just outside the city. Limneon Crystal transports its guests into a dream world of luxurious serenity and relaxation.

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Limneon Golden

Next to Limneon Crystal is Limneon Golden, the latest addition to he Resort and a place of striking magnificence and bold colour combinations. There, with an unobstructed view of the lake, you will find the Noufaro Club Spa, a brand new facility specialising in relaxation, skin and body care, and revitalisation treatments.


The Limneon Resort & Spa has the finest and most modern conference centre in Western Macedonia. Its flexible rooms and comprehensive technological infrastructure can accommodate meetings, receptions, symposiums and professional events of the highest specifications.




Cherry All Day Bar - restaurant, wireless, heated pool overlooking the lake

Gym, sauna, steam bath, facial and body massages

Facial and body treatments

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