3rd day. Trip to the Prespa lakes.

In the province of Western Macedonia, not far from the Albanian border, there are two Greek beauty spots, rarely visited by foreigners.

The Prespa Lakes are among the most beautiful, remote and yet least known landscapes of Greece. They lie in a broad valley 850m above sea level and are encircled by mountains. The Great Prespa Lake is 275 km ², the largest lake in the Balkans. Only on clear days is its north shore visible from its southern shore. Greece and Albania only share a small part of the total size of the lake with its majority belonging to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

The Prespa Lakes are fascinating because of their unique fauna and flora. The Small Prespa lake is lined with dense reed forests in many places, which attract, with the swamps and reed fields on the isthmus between the lakes, numerous birds, such as different Pelikan species.

The lake is a biotope for many rare animal and plant species. Due to its fish wealth, it is particularly important as breeding and wintering place for rare bird species, including the White Pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) and the Dalmatian Pelican (P. crispus).

The Prespa Lakes are particularly sensitive wetland areas under the Ramsar Convention. The Great Prespa Lake is the center of the Prespa National Park, which was founded by the three riparian countries together and one of the largest nature reserves in Europe.

We will visit the most important and interesting villages, spectacular byzantine ruins and unique traditional architecture.

Photos of the Prespa Lakes