7th day. From the Neolithic Age to Classical Antiquity.

Stone Age lake settlement of Dispilio, Diokletianoupolis and Archaeological Museum in Argos Orestikon.

We begin our journey into the past with the Neolithic period on Orestias lake and visit one of the most important neolithic lake settlements in Europe from the 6th pre-Christian millennium. We will visit identically reconstructed huts of stone age life from up close as well as the original findings in the collection of the excavation.

We get information about the lives of people in one of the oldest settlements in Europe, their habits, the structure of everyday life at sea and how the landscape has shaped the culture.

We continue to Argos Orestikon and visit the remains of the ancient site of Diokletianoupolis, which played a significant role during the Roman period. Then we visit the archaeological museum and get new insights into the past of the entire prefecture of Kastoria. We will have the opportunity to admire weaponry, household ceramics, marble reliefs, minor arts and jewellery from past centuries.

Photos of the archaeological tour