Our Sports Center in Byzantium Hotel


Our resort offers you the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments and enjoy the beauty of nature - whether on a bike ride through the mountains or on a kayak trip on the lake. Equipment and route description are available for a small charge.


Kayak Oasis Twin






Two-seater kayak for exciting excursions on the lake, the necessary equipment life jackets, paddles, skirts will be provided.




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Different challenging trips through the forest paths in different altitudes provide a combination of stunning vistas, wild nature and sporting challenges.

The equipment is provided: CUBE ANALOG bikes and helmets


Route description of the mountain bike trails:


1 Two-hour route from a total of 20 km, of which 7 km paved road, 7 km of mountain trails with breathtaking views of the lake and the town, 2 km and 4 km downhill asphalt and dirt roads to the hotel.


Difficulty: moderate B

Altitude: 620m - 1000m above sea level


2Three-hour route from a total of 20 km, of which 8 km uphill to the village Sidirochori, 7km further field and forest paths up above the village Aposkepos, 5km descent to the town of Kastoria.


Difficulty: A very challenging

Altitude: 620m - 1060m above sea level


3 Three-hour route of 40 km. Initially 10 km paved road to the village Vissinia, 10km further on field-forest to the village Oxia. The climb ends at the village and follow Polykeraso 10km downhill to the village Fotini.


Difficulty: A very challenging

Altitude: 650m - 1200m above sea level


4 Four-hour route of 45 km paved road with very high fun-factor and sightseeing. Drive through the villages Vissinia - Agios Antonis - Mavrokampos - Gavros - Aposkepos. This route offers beautiful views moments and is recommended for lovers of unique architecture.


Difficulty: B + challenging

Altitude: 850m - 900m above sea level


5 Route one and a half hour of 20 km of paved road. A 7 km ride around the lake, a 7 km climb towards Agios Athanasios, and finally 2 km descent to the historic old town Doltso.


Difficulty: C easy

Altitude: 620m - 800m above sea level


6 Two and a half hours total distance of 40 km. Start at the intersection of Tihio with 7 km asphalt up above the village Vissinia. Another 20 km climb up to the traditional village Polikeraso through fields and forest. Then a 13 km descent to the village Fotini.


Difficulty: A very challenging

Altitude: 650m - 1220m above sea level


7 seven-hour stretch of 70 kilometers. After 17 km climb (asphalt), we arrive at the crossroads Perikopi. There, a fantastic track begins amidst a wild untouched nature with the aim Nimfeo village. Drive back through the forest paths.


Difficulty: A A very challenging